I upgraded the HVAC system in my parents’ home

I ended up inheriting my parents’ home when they both passed away within a month of each other.

I never knew when they decided to write their will, but they did and of course everything went to me, their only child.

I was just living in an apartment in the city with lousy air quality and poor temperature control settings. I moved into the old house in a jiffy and started getting everything together. I considered whether I should live in the house or fix it up and have it sold. I had so many fond memories of the old house though. The problem was that with the old house came the old HVAC system. I decided that the HVAC needed to be upgraded and I had an HVAC technician come out to the house. The HVAC technician actually recommended a ductless mini split. He said that it would be extremely energy efficient and I could heat and cool only the areas that I wanted because of the HVAC zone control. So I went for this installation and I was extremely impressed. The energy bills were extremely low for such a sizable house. I don’t know how my parents managed their energy bills with their ancient central HVAC system. After the new HVAC installation, I was feeling so comfortable that I decided that I would like to keep the house. The house is already paid off and everything, I just have to keep up with the property taxes. Fortunately, the house is in a rural location and the school taxes are not especially high.


Geo heat pump