My brothers finally came back out of nowhere

When my brothers and I were younger, we all got along very well. We would always play basketball together at the park and we would play ice-hockey on the pond in the winter months. Eventually when we got older, we bumped heads. Some of us wanted to go to similar colleges, but everybody wanted to do something different. Everybody ended up leaving the state and I was the only one who stuck around in our hometown. We actually have a respectable trade school in our town and they have an HVAC certification program. So I went for my HVAC certification and I became a successful HVAC worker in the town. It’s a great trade to have because no matter where you go, people need HVAC technicians. My brothers eventually started coming back into town to visit. They apologized for leaving so long ago and they wanted to make things right. Nobody was secretly married or anything like that, but it was good to catch up with my brothers. A few of my brothers were actually talking about moving back into town which would be great. They asked me if there were spots open in my HVAC company and perhaps they could get into the HVAC industry like me. I will have to see how things go before I decide to put in a good word for them. I still don’t know much about what they have been doing for the past years without bothering to contact anybody. I don’t even know if I can trust some of my brothers like I did when we were all youngsters.


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