My guy thought he lost the remote for the window A/C unit

My guy really loved the window A/C unit that I got for him for his birthday.

  • He thought it was the best thing and kept him perfectly comfortable in his bedroom.

The thing he loved the most about the window A/C unit is the fact that it came with a remote control. Now the remote for this thing is tiny as ever so I don’t know what’s up with that design. I mean, it easily fits in pretty much any size pocket, but you might lose it easily. Everytime I would be at my guy’s place, he would have that window A/C unit cranked up and he would often adjust the temperature control settings with the remote. I thought it was great that he was getting plenty of use out of the present I got for him, but then he went crazy when he suddenly lost the remote for the window A/C unit. He started asking if I saw the remote for it and kept asking where in the world he could have put it. You would think that the world was about to end if he didn’t find that stupid remote control for the cooling device. After him getting extremely worked up, I finally noticed he had the remote still clutched in his very hand. I pointed it out and then he felt stupid and suddenly started laughing about it. It’s really crazy that he would get that worked up about losing that remote. I think he’s going to have to get a special locator device attached to the remote or something so he can have it beep when he needs to look for it. I don’t want to see what happens if he loses that remote control for real.



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