I’m pretty sure my cousin took my HEPA air filters

I have this cousin who has always been a thief.

I always warned my friends whenever he was around to never bump into him and keep a good distance.

I told everybody to watch their belongings and everything. He would always brag about the things he would steal. He even managed to get a window A/C remote control one time and it worked on his own window A/C unit which was crazy. I always told him he should return the things he stole and he never seemed to feel bad about it. It always seemed like something would go missing from my house whenever he would visit. I thought this was something he would grow out of when he got older, but he still has this problem with sticky fingers. More recently when he came to visit my house, I just felt like I had to take a look around when he ended up going on his way. Sure enough, a whole box of HEPA air filters was missing! I mean seriously, you’re going to take my HEPA air filters? I’m definitely going to be having a talk with my cousin soon but I know he’s going to act like he’s offended and shift the blame towards me like I’m the one who lost my HEPA air filters. I only keep the box of them right next to the HVAC unit and I never put them anywhere else. It just so happened to go missing when my cousin was there. This was after we played some pool together in the basement too! Yea, I’m pretty sure he’s the one who took them unless the box of air filters grew some legs and walked away.