My boss said I deserve a promotion after my system worked

Once word got out, a lot of people came into our store out of curiosity.

I would absolutely love my job if the temperature control settings were better. I work in this clothing boutique plus it’s not so bad sorting the clothes plus helping customers. It’s truly not the most exciting work I’ve ever heard of, but it pays the bills plus that’s what I’m mainly worried about. There have been a lot of days though when I just recognize entirely comfortable. I don’t even smoke but I take breaks and go outside. I recognize you could call them fresh air breaks because the air quality outside is truly better than what it is in the store. I decided to tell my boss that I thought all of us would be able to drum up corporation if the store was more comfortable with good indoor air quality. The boss thought about it for a while and then agreed that it could help improve business. So she had an Heating plus Air Conditioning company give an estimate on getting a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system plus hook up a UV media air cleaner. I had no plan. The boss was going to go ahead and pay the price for this Heating plus Air Conditioning system, but everyone agreed it was amazing after everything was finished. The temperature control settings were nice and enjoyable for a change plus all of us flaunted this fact. Once word got out, a lot of people came into our store out of curiosity. A lot of people wanted to know about the Heating plus Air Conditioning system we had installed. Both of us were thrilled to see how we had bought a UV media air cleaner to improve the air quality plus help get rid of cold and flu viruses. This was something that people were amazed about plus abruptly the corporation picked up a good deal. My manager was truly proud of myself and others plus said I deserve a promotion.


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