Having zone controlled HVAC in my house is convenient when I have guests over

Although I wasn’t this way in my 20s, I really enjoy entertaining guests.

Whether it’s family flying in for the weekend, or a few friends spending the night after watching a game with beer and food—I like to have people at my house.

I wish I had been this extroverted in college. Perhaps I would have made more friends or managed to have a girlfriend of some kind in the four years I was in undergrad. I usually sequestered myself to my dorm room and focused on studying for exams and writing research papers. Graduate school changed a lot of these habits for me. I was suddenly in a small program with a handful of other students and we all knew each other well by the second semester. Before long I met the woman who would eventually become my wife. When we moved in together, we started inviting our friends over for dinner parties on a regular basis. I really enjoyed cooking for other people and sharing stories with cocktails and music. We are still friends with many of those people, some of which fly in from out of town to visit on a regular basis. Our guest room is in a state of constant improvement. The last thing we added was a ductless mini split air conditioner. We decided to remove the central air conditioner and switch to zone controlled HVAC for the entire house. It’s great having ductless mini splits in general, but it makes entertaining guests a lot easier for both parties. My wife and I can enjoy whatever temperatures we prefer while our guests can do the same from the guest bedroom.


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