Dehumidifier with the hot climate

When Benny as well as I moved to the south, we learned about something totally new.

That new thing was all about humidity.

I never realized how much humidity affected your life. It even changed my hair, skin and how I worked out! What I did not realize at the start though, is how humidity can affect how the temperature feels in your home. When Benny and I moved into our current home, him and I knew the Heating and A/C was okay from our inspection. Our beach house still felt honestly hot all the time. I wondered if some problem had developed with our Heating and A/C or if maybe Benny and I were just not used to the heat for this part of the country. Finally, a pal of ours suggested installing a home dehumidifier to control the humidity in our home. I had no clue at the time how much of a difference this would make with our condo air quality. I had never even heard of people installing dehumidifiers as a part of the home’s Heating and A/C equipment. Our neighbor helped us find a good Heating and A/C business, as well as we decided to install the best dehumidifier. It was amazing how much the temperature was affected so soon after the replacement. All of us immediately felt colder. Not only did the two of us feel cooler, but my partner’s skin got a lot better. On warm days, you could hardly feel a difference in the house!


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