His breathing issues are way better

My boyfriend Carlos has dealt with asthma for most of his life.

  • He often has dust sensitivity problems throughout the year.

A few years back, he was taken to the hospital due to a bad asthma attack. He took a few odd rounds of meds, but it still took a long time to get over this problem. As the two of us continued dealing with his respiratory issues, I started wondering if there was a way to cut back irritants inside of our home. I knew he had breathing symptoms that went along with the seasons, but I hoped to find some way to help the air quality at home. All of us changed our HVAC filters every month, as well as I even used a HEPA filter designed for cleaning the indoor air even more. However, it still did not seem to be as effective as I would have liked it to be. I decided then to try to do some searching around on how to maximize our in home air quality. This is how I learned about whole home air cleaners. I did not realize that this could even be a choice, as well as I was happy to learn about all the potential benefits as well as cut in air pollution. My boyfriend continued to be seen by his nurses, but in the meantime the two of us also had an air cleaner installed by our Heating and A/C business. Since installing this air cleaner, my boyfriend has not had quite as many problems with breathing.

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