Installing radiant flooring to keep our new dog healthy, warm and happy

Finally after years of living very far away from each other, my boyfriend and I got to move in together.

We have been living together for quite some time. It has been pure bliss at that too. We have not had a single issue. In fact, we even adopted a wonderful dog. This dog has been everything we have ever wanted. It seems as if our dreams are coming true recently. Life is really coming together. We had some problems with the dog though. it turns out they need to live at a certain temperature. This dog has very little fur or hair. It can get cold very quick. We solved this problem in one way. We decided that radiant flooring was a must. This is also something we have always talked about. We were excited that this gave us the opportunity to install it. We called our local HVAC company. We needed to have a professional install it. We wanted to make sure it was going to work properly. I took the day off of work to have him install it. It took almost the whole day. Ever since we have had it installed, our warm has been so much warmer. I feels awesome to have the warmth on your feet all of the time. My feet are never cold anymore like they used to be. Our dog even has been nice and toasty. He has had much more energy and he loves to snuggle. I love my little family and our little home. My life could not get any better at this point.

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