Ductless air conditioning

Cleaning is never a thing I want to do.

With four children however, it’s a requirement.

I am always cleaning something. The kitchen is always a mess and there are toys everywhere. The children are still too young to learn to do it themselves. I always clean up after them. The house never looks too clean for too long. In my house I try to reduce the amount of cleaning I will do. I did this with my air conditioning. Some air conditioning systems use ducts that push air throughout your house. These ducts may need to be cleaned regularly. They build up a lot of dust and dirt. I could hire an HVAC technician to do it for me. I don’t want to have to think about that either. We installed ductless air conditioning when we moved into the house. There are several wall mounted units in our home. They are connected to an outdoor condenser using electrical wires and refrigerant tubes. This circulates air in my home. Other benefits include zone control. I can control which areas of my house receive air conditioning or heat. We never have the system running in parts of the home we aren’t using. This saves us money. Our energy bills are not as high. Compared to some people our energy bills are much lower. By spending less money we are able to afford tune ups. We keep our system up to date. We don’t pay extra costs for repairs. We never have to repair anything because of the tune ups. The ductless air conditioning is a great choice for a home.
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