Microneedling for pore size

My pores are a constant source of irritation for me.

They are big and frequently fill up with gunk.

I fight acne and blackheads all the time. My pore size is just too large and I have looked at products to shrink them. Online said that the size you have is it. For a long time I just tried to keep them clean and clear. Well I then found that there is microneedling for pores. You can reduce the size, texture, and appearance of pores through 9-12 needles puncturing the area. It is pretty hardcore. It wasn’t as painful as I expected. I honestly was desperate to fix my pores. There was one particular pore on my cheek that left almost like a hole in my face. People always noted it and called me out about the pore. After the needling, the pore blends in with the rest of them. It was such a relief. The facial service wasn’t too bad. I was glad that there was a microneedling option near me for not too much money. The microneedling also can be used for acne, fine lines, and stretch marks. Now that I have had the procedure done, I am not afraid to do it again. If I have a baby and notice stretch marks, I will 100% go back to the facility and get them to take a look at it. My skin is too important to be embarrassed about it. My pores finally look normal and don’t fill up with sebum for once.
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