Heater maintenance

I live in a small apartment with my friend.

I have other friends that also live across the hall.

We were going to have a Christmas party in my apartment. We were setting up for the party but I felt that it was actually starting to feel a little warm in the apartment. My friend said he would turn down the thermostat so it wasn’t so hot. He tried to change it but none of the buttons were working. I went over to look at it. I could press the buttons but nothing was changing. I called the maintenance guy for our building and he said he would look at it. He told me we would need to get our thermostat replaced but he couldn’t get it until tomorrow. The apartment was feeling warmer than it did before. We had to open all of the windows and doors to keep the apartment cooler. Our Christmas party turned into a winter beach party. The maintenance man needs to do regular check-ups and tune ups on the HVAC system. There are too many people living in the apartment complex. The air filters should be cleaned regularly. All equipment should be looked at for defective parts. He could at least hire someone else to come in if he does not have time. They have a 24 hour emergency service. This problem could be fixed sooner than tomorrow. He is trying to save money by doing this himself. He could save money if he hired someone to get regular tune ups. Replacements like this would be less likely.

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