Small puppy got into the ductwork

As a Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner expert, there are people who hope to watch what I do. Many of those people ask questions plus they will even think they can tell me what I should do. They want to know if they should have called a Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner serviceman to work on the device; Sometimes they want to learn about HVAC duct cleaning or air vent repair. A few weeks after, I had a young girl hanging around when I was cleaning the HVAC duct. After a few moments she asked me if she could ask a question. The girl wanted to know if I saw her puppy I turned plus looked around to see if there was a puppy nearby. There was no puppy. The girl thought her puppy was in the HVAC duct. I was a bit shocked to hear that a puppy could be moving around in the Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts that I was washing with heavy duty air. Apparently she had opened the air vent in her kitchen to scrub it out. Then the puppy disappeared. It might have crawled inside and wandered there. She already had HVAC duct cleaning set up and did not know what to do… What do I do at this point? Do I keep washing the HVAC duct and hope there is no puppy? Or do I give up on the work since I might damage a cute puppy crawling around in there? I did not want to say that if the puppy was in there, her HVAC duct is most likely damaged.



HVAC tech