The lack of cooling on the cruise was horrible

I normally don’t get too pissed about anything but I walked into a bad situation recently. I was so pissed at that time that I sat down plus fumed. I was staying in an expensive room that I paid the big bucks for and it had no AC. I got two weeks off from work which I had been looking forward to for the last few months. Jerry and I were going to get on a cruise ship that was none for being classy and state of the art. Our reservations were made way in advance and we were gleeful to get moving. Jerry and I got into our suite plus it was seriously gorgeous. Every one of us had all of the amenities you could ask for. Then, I was trying to turn on the a/c but it didn’t work right away. I then saw a card that was on the Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner component. The card said the power for cooling would not be turned on until after the ship was out of the water. Jerry and I went out to see everyone leaving waving goodbye to their loved 1s from the deck. Jerry and I were so glad to get going. Our main concern was to get the a/c plan working so we could relax. It had already been a long day for him and I. After being in the water, I tried the a/c once more, but it didn’t turn on. Turns out the a/c device was busted in my luxury room.

a/c professional