Time Flies by Too Fast and Living Overseas Slows it Down

I have only three more weeks here to visit my family and then I have to fly back home overseas.

Well, I guess I could always change my flight and stay another three weeks but I will eventually have to leave everyone and go back to my life over there.

I can’t live here in the states anymore because it just takes too much work to live here. It’s too much driving and too much work to live the same kind of life I can live overseas. I like having free time to just relax and chill. I work at the local business overseas a few hours a week and ride my bike to get there. I got fed up with driving one day a few years ago while living here in America and decided I was going to move out of the country for good. I had an HVAC license so I knew I could find work overseas doing the same thing and it worked out just fine. I only had enough money for a couple months of living without working and found a job just in time. I actually began teaching HVAC to people at a school and then went from that to teaching English to kids online, which I did for four years till I got burned out. I work about 15 hours a week in Europe and that pays all of my bills and my spending money. I’m glad I had experience in the HVAC industry because it allowed me to earn a living pretty quickly overseas.