Music videos are really hot during the filming process

I’m a backup dancer in rock n roll videos, however people have no system for how hard it is to be a backup dancer, especially if you’re on film sets… Imagine dancing a high-intensity routine 20 times in a row until the director gets the perfect take, all while trying not to look like you were dripping with sweat! However, music videos usually have a lot of fans going for exactly this purpose! When the director yells “cut,” every dancer finds the nearest cool fan. I was hired for a rock n roll video gig last week, and it was the hardest task I’d ever done! The other dancers and I met early that afternoon to learn the choreography… The practice area was perfect, and someone turned the control unit down as low as it would go, and despite dancing for hours, I don’t suppose anyone broke a sweat! The cooling plan was outstanding. I didn’t have to stand over a vent while the people I was with and I were on breaks and appreciated what I usually did in practice spaces. It wasn’t even humid in that place, the A/C plan took out so much moisture! Once it was time to get ready, the people I was with and I all opted to change and do our makeup in the practice space, and both of us knew—or, at least the people I was with and I thought the people I was with and I knew—the heat that was in our future, and the people I was with and I wanted to soak up the chilly, dry air while the people I was with and I could… After the people I was with and I carpooled from the practice area to the set—a nearby airplane hangar—we all shared despairing looks. The shoot was easily outside, in the summer, in a hangar with no ventilation at all! The worst part: there were zero fans in the hangar! It was so hard to stay pretty and dance my heart out without even a stitch of ventilation. But, my fellow dancers and I pulled through, and agreed that we’d study the great print next time!


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