An adult that won’t call HVAC tech

I hate feeling like I’m the only adult in the room.

No matter what I do in life, I feel like I’m the most responsible person I ever associate with. And it’s exhausting. For once, I wish someone else would take the wheel for a while so I could relax. But this certainly isn’t the case with my current roommate, who refuses to lift a finger for simple household tasks. Especially the HVAC system. I know for a fact, heating and cooling systems matter. They impact your daily comfort and your overall health, not to mention your bank account when the HVAC repair bills and energy bills start coming along. So, of course, it’s best to get all your heating, cooling, and air quality control arguments out of the way before you live with someone. It’s clearly a big deal to have a modern AC, furnace, and air purifiers… but it’s also a big deal to maintain the HVAC equipment that we love to utilize. This is something that I knew we needed to discuss with my irresponsible roommate, but I put it off. The problem is, we have a large central indoor air temperature control system, so we have to split our energy bills, HVAC service fees, and thermostat. We have to agree on air temperature and quality when using this centralized air quality control plan. Too bad, we clearly have vastly differing levels of responsibility when it comes to the heating, cooling, and air quality service appointments. She refuses to arrange or pay for any professional air quality control device services and I can’t afford them on my own. As a result, we constantly have heating and cooling system breakdowns every other month… and then we REALLY pay.

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