Cheap neighborhood hire messes up HVAC

Money is the worst part of life.

  • I don’t want to think about it.

I don’t want to rely on it. I don’t want to worry about this stupid resource so much. I wish we all had enough of it flowing through society so that I could live without panicking all the time about basic expenses and necessities, but this hasn’t worked out in the past 35 years. My financial preoccupation is why I occasionally have desperately hired less-than professionals for some major jobs. It often works out, when my coworker knows how to fix cars on the side or my pharmacist is skilled in repairing instruments. But the worst mistake I ever made was paying an uncertified heating, cooling, and air quality control worker for important air conditioning repair services last year. I guess I should not title them as a heating and cooling worker of any sort, when I knew that the person had no certifications. They were only a part-time air quality control specialist who offered some stories about heating and cooling equipment experiences. In fact… They were my neighbor, and I knew damn well that the guy didn’t work for a reputable air quality control shop. I should have gotten a real HVAC professional, but my neighbor was convenient and cheap. Instead of calling a real air quality dealership, that day I screwed myself by hiring my neighbor to look at my failing air conditioning system. The fake heating, cooling, and air quality control technician who I called my next door neighbor managed to destroy my air conditioner in less than an hour. That’s when I learned that even if the alternative HVAC worker happens to live 1 minute away and offers to save you some cash, you really want to have a professionally trained indoor air quality control repair specialist take on the job.


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