Staycations and Glamping

Americans are quite innovative especially when it comes to our fun. Two recreational innovations have become very popular in recent years. The first one is a “staycation”. Instead of far-off places, the family can re-visit local attractions or pitch a tent in the backyard. The other one is “glamping” a variation of camping that adds a bit of luxury, or glamour to the experience. I still prefer a tropical beach far away from home. The local beach, likely a converted gravel quarry, just doesn’t seem the same. In winter, I refuse to stay in a tent no matter how luxurious it is. If I can’t stay in a nice hotel, I’ll stay home and let my HVAC unit provide that ocean breeze that I crave. For those who need a staycation or a few days glamping, I offer the following suggestion. Simply ignore your HVAC system and don’t have it cleaned and tuned up regularly. You can set aside the extra cash for when the unit comes to a grinding halt. Be sure to save additional cash to pay for repairs made by a professional HVAC technician. Meanwhile, you can pitch a tent outside and enjoy a little glamping and staycation right at home. Of course, you will need a little luck with Mother Nature if your furnace fails in the middle of winter or the AC system freezes over during summer storms, but that’s a small price to pay to experience all aspects of camping or glamping. Your other options are to stay cooped up inside in an overheated or freezing house or you can simply keep your HVAC unit well maintained to avoid an unscheduled glamping trip to your backyard.

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