I enjoy my sunroom with the HVAC machine working

Being toasty is a pretty serious deal for me during the Winter weeks.

I’m not alone in that wish I’m sure as a good amount of us are dialing up the Heating and A/C temperature control in the winter months.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have to worry about the frigid temperatures of the winter months. I grew up in a region where the Winter was a particularly mild temperature situation. While the group of us had the Heating and A/C heat pump, it wasn’t working on a regular basis. Since moving to the North, that has all changed of course. The Winters down south can’t even be compared to this brutal type of Winter. However, the trade off is the fact that our warm seasons are essentially dominated by the Heating and A/C cooling machine. Still, I particularly miss the sunshine of the southern region during the frosty weather. However, I married someone from this section of the country so I was kind of adjusted to a particularly odd Winter. We relocated pretty fast after both of us were married as she has a relatively sizable family that is all right here. I was young and in love so the up-to-date cold weather was not particularly a consideration for me. Now relatively 15 years on, I still particularly haven’t fully actemperatured to the cold. And that is a bummer for me. I particularly don’t love to go outside in the cold. Honestly, I miss the Winters where I could kick back and sit in the sunshine in near perfect hot and cold temperatures. But I do my best to deal with it. I do in fact have a sunroom that allows me to sort of feel as if I’m standing outside. And it has a ductless Heating and A/C machine which keeps myself and others entirely warm.

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