Not made out for the long hauls

My child is an over the road truck driver.

I have to laugh at him regularly when he calls myself and others in the early afternoon and seems out of it.

He regularly seems to be surprised that I am answering PC. He often calls in the afternoon before he goes to bed because he goes and drives all night. I was shocked to hear from him in the afternoon only a couple weeks ago. He called to tell myself and others that he got a whole new truck. He was so excited. He told myself and others about the small refrigerator he installed as well as the cable television. He then told myself and others about loving the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. He said he bought the truck originally because of the climate control. He has Zone Control in his truck these days as well as he is loving it. He can adjust the amount of heating for himself as well as cooling that he gets into the sleeper area of the cab. He also easily has a control unit for the passenger side of the truck where his trusty driving partner sits. He said the driver side furnace works the best however he still needs to find someway to get the heat off his feet. He told myself and others that day that his feet are regularly covered in sweat as well as they odor. He has apparently tried driving separate from any shoes to keep his feet cooler, however he legally can’t drive barefoot. I was laughing even though he didn’t think it was funny.

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