Traveling for work and attempting to workout every day

For the hotels that don’t prove any means of laboring out, I pack my sneakers and a jump rope

Because of the requirements of my job, I often travel. I am frequently away for more days of the month than I get to be at home. I waste a lot of time waiting at airports, sitting on planes, attending conferences and staying in hotel rooms. It’s boring and stressful and horribly sedentary. When I’m on the road, I’m stuck eating out for every single meal. I make a point to buy some granola bars, yogurts, fruit and bottled water for breakfast, lunch and snacks. For dinner, I try to order salads most of the time. I make every attempt to eat as healthy as I can and I make daily workouts part of my routine. Devoting an hour to exercise every day is vital for me and yet sometimes a challenge. On the days when I am actually traveling, my schedule is always hectic. When I have to attend work conferences, I might need to wake up super early in the morning and don’t return to the hotel until quite late. When possible, I attempt to stay at a hotel that includes a fitness center. The majority of fitness centers are open 24/7 and I am able to workout at strange times. Occasionally the fitness center offers nothing beyond a single treadmill and outdated stationary bike. The components are very old, and there’s not even enough space to spread out a yoga mat. I am always delighted when the workout area is spacious, modern and fully outfitted with a variety of equipment. I love having access to modern ellipticals, rowing machines and weight lifting equipment. I’m delighted if there’s a weight bench, free weights and the room to get in a decent stretch. For the hotels that don’t prove any means of laboring out, I pack my sneakers and a jump rope. Where possible, I go for a run and tour the area. If the weather doesn’t cooperate or I don’t feel safe, I can usually find a spot where I can at least jump rope.

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