Happy with new style of treadmill

When I decided to invest into a treadmill, I devoted a lot of research into the different types available.

There are numerous manufacturers and styles of treadmills available on the current market.

There’s everything from a basic rotating belt to technological innovations with Wi-Fi connectivity and touch screen displays. Some of these models allow you to join into group classes virtually or even select a virtual running tour anywhere in the world. I wound up spending a lot of money on a treadmill that is actually quite simple. It’s a progressive design that avoids the need for electrical power. The treadmill is propelled by the motion of my feet. The track is slightly curved. As I adjust my stride, I regulate the speed of the track. The higher up the curve I run, the faster the track moves. The treadmill is super quiet and operates very smoothly. I enjoy having the ability to determine the speed instead of adjusting a dial that decides the rotation of the track beneath my feet. The treadmill can operate as fast as I’m capable of running. Because there are hardly any moving parts, it should be more reliable than a more conventional treadmill as well. I am so happy with the new treadmill and am running longer and faster than ever before. I have been competing against my personal best, hoping to beat my previous pace. I’m focused on burning 800 calories in an hour. My only issue with the new treadmill is that there is no cup holder provided for my water bottle. I’ve handled this problem by designing my own cup holder. I use a microphone stand that I place next to the treadmill.

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