Hotel won't change our room because of haunted HVAC unit

This time it didn’t come on for several minutes

My wife and I visited her parents last month and we decided to stay in a hotel. Sometimes we stay with her mom and dad, but her sister was in town too. We didn’t want the whole place to be crowded and neither one of us wanted to fight for a shower or in the morning. We thought the best idea was getting a hotel room, so we would have privacy and a hot shower. My wife and I found a nice hotel online. We only paid $87 for the night, which is a lot less than some of the other rooms. When we checked in, the hotel clerk tried to tell us that we booked a smoking room. My wife and I definitely book a non-smoking room, and we did not understand why it was such a problem. The clerk had an attitude when we asked to switch to the non-smoking room. While we were getting ready for dinner, the HVAC unit gave us some problems. I turned it on and adjusted the thermostat, and the HVAC unit quickly turned off and then on again. Things seemed fine for a few minutes, and then the HVAC unit shut down again. I hit the button to turn it on and it started right up. It was fine for a half hour, and then it shut off again. This time it didn’t come on for several minutes. When I called the front desk to request a room change, they thought I was joking about the haunted HVAC unit. They were going to refuse to change our rooms, until I made the clerk come see for himself.

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