Working late has some perks at my business

My boss asked if I would work late on Thursday.

He needed someone to help with a furnace installation job. We were going to install a brand new furnace at the bank building, but we had to wait until after hours. The only time we had to work on the job was after the bank was already closed. They had two armed officers, the bank manager, and two bank tellers in the building with us at all times. We started the furnace installation job at 6:30 in the evening. I hoped the job would go quickly, because I worked all day as well. I was already tired by the time we started the furnace installation job. My boss and I worked on the job until after two in the morning. We had to have an armed guard with us every time we entered and exited the building. We had to bring in all of our supplies and have them checked through a metal machine. It took almost an hour for them to examine all of our supplies. That added some extra time that neither one of us anticipated. We didn’t end up back to the HVAC workshop until almost 3. I was ready to fall asleep and I was also hungry. My boss offered to buy me breakfast and I accepted. By the time we were done, it was almost time to wake up for another day. My boss told me to go home and sleep. He gave me the next day off with pay. I was happy to work late and enjoy some additional perks for my hard work.
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