An overabundance of Clearwater Beach contractors

A couple of years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to invest in several rental properties in Clearwater Beach.

We didn’t think we would have to worry about hurricane damage, but when a bad storm went through, it took out a couple of our properties. We had to go to Clearwater BEach to asses the damage. At first sighting, we knew it was going to be quite extensive in repairs and we immediately called our insurance company. The insurance adjuster came to the properties and gave us the go ahead to have them fixed. He also gave us a list of some of the more prominent building contractors in the Clearwater Beach area. He told us we weren’t required to choose one of them, but it would give us an idea of how to start looking. We immediately began our search knowing that we weren’t going to be making any money if our properties weren’t able to be rented. We chose several smaller building contractors in the area and added them to those the insurance adjuster gave us. We went online and found all of the pros and cons to the companies, which had us weeding out many of the contractors. We then found that a couple of them were listed in the BBB. Once we were down to just four contractors, we started calling for estimates. We wanted the written estimates so we were able to compare them side by side. It was good to see that those contractors we chose from Clearwater Beach, were all within the same price range. Within a day or two, we had narrowed it down to just one contractor.



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