The electronic ignitor was malfunctioning in the gas furnace

The weather lately has been going a little crazy. It seems like a slow roller coaster ride through the weeks. I guess this is normal weather for this time of year here though. I have been turning my heat on and turning it off. I certainly do not need the heat on if it is 70 degrees outside. I do however, need it when it gets down to the forties during the day. The other day I went through the usual routine. I tried to turn the thermostat back up to use the heat. Well, I waited an hour later and nothing happened to my house. It remained at the same temperature. I even saw on the thermostat that the temperature in the house was supposed to be higher than that. I called my local HVAC company to have them come out to look at my furnace. Lucky for me, they did find out the problem quickly. My gas furnace has an electronic ignition. However, this electronic ignition was malfunctioning. There must have been a cross in the wires or something not right for the furnace to not ignite. The HVAC professionals checked all the wires in the system and made sure that they were connected properly. They did not find anything specifically wrong with the wires connecting to the gas furnace itself. After they had checked all of the wires, they tried to turn the furnace back on. All of a sudden the gas furnace has just turned back on. It could have been a loose wire somewhere. Whatever it had been, it was fixed thankfully.


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