Emergency help was needed

My wife got home from a weekend away.

The first thing I wanted to do was go out for dinner; I wanted to tell my wife all about the things that happened while she was away.

We went to a restaurant close to our home, but the indoor air temperatures were honestly nice in the bistro plus the setting was truly quiet plus romantic. We enjoyed a three course meal plus dessert as well as a bottle of wine, then when my wonderful friend and I got back to the house, I knew right away there was a concern with the indoor air temperatures. It was much warmer inside of the apartment than it was when my wonderful friend and I left for the steakhouse. I instantly ran tests on the control unit. It should have been running because the temperature was set for 70-degrees. It was 75 in the house. I had to call an emergency service provider for help. I told my partner to check the Internet to see who was local – and open for emergency repairs. We should have an emergency provider already picked out for problems like this, but my husband and I have only been living in this village for a couple of months plus this was the first time that my wonderful friend and I had any problems or issues with the cooling system. We were lucky to find an emergency service provider with appointments all night long. It took less than an hour to get a service provider. We had the problems fixed before the sun came up!

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