The air conditioning can be much too cold

Periodically too much air conditioning can make your condo way too cold! This happened to me recently when it was super hot outside and I thought I needed tons of air conditioning to cool my home.

What actually ended up happening is that regardless of the fact that it was well over one hundred and ten degrees outside, I froze my condo up! I nearly thought it was the middle of winter season in the arctic tundra to be totally honest with you all.

I could have ended up killing myself in all honesty. So what I had to do was turn off the central heating and cooling system and then open up a few windows in the condo and let the deadly heat in for about 10 minutes just to moderate the house! I never really thought I would see the day where I would say the deadly one hundred plus degree weather was nice and made me feel great, however this time it did and was a major life saver all together! I also learned my lesson that day to never turn the temperature control on the wall in the hallway down that low ever again when it comes to the central heating and cooling system’s cooling. Because what I eventually did was not provide myself great and top quality indoor comfort, but I almost ended up giving myself a way to freeze to death as if it was the middle of a snow blizzard with no central heating! I won’t actually do it again either.
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