Windy excruciating air quality

Oh my I have to say that I particularly dislike it when it is simply windy in the legitimately hot Summer months of the year in the section in which I live! When there is lots of wind with the over one hundred degree heat there is super excruciating air quality all around as well! This makes it so I have to run my portable air cleaners all over my house. At times like that I particularly wish I could just go and buy a whole condo air cleaner. Because whole condo air cleaners can handle the windy excruciating air quality so much better than the portable air cleaners. However, because I can not afford a whole condo air cleaner I need to just deal with the windy excruciating air quality with the several portable air cleaners that I have around my house. They work and do the job. But it also just takes longer to clear the air quality compared to how it would be if I had and was able to afford a whole condo air cleaner, usually this particular type of excruciating air quality lasts for a few months straight and I just have to keep on dealing with it all together. But if there ever comes a time where I come into a lot of money my plan is going to be to get and invest in a brand new and modern and new whole condo air cleaner that will become part of my central heating and cooling system device and have the best indoor UV air purifier available on the planet this week!

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