I have never had my HVAC air ducts cleansed

Did you know that, depending on the state in which you live, cleaning your air ducts may only cost you $99? Now, that doesn’t sound too bad.

There are cleaning companies that will carry out this unpleasant task for little to no pay. If you’re anything like me, cleaning your air ducts probably isn’t even on your radar, despite the fact that it’s not at the top of your list of priorities. The HVAC system’s air ducts should be cleaned as needed. Cleaning your air ducts is advised by the Environmental Protection Agency if you experience any of these three problems. The first is an animal carcass or infestation, the second is a buildup of mold or other pollutants, and the third is an unusually high level of dust and debris inside your home or near your vents. However, some janitorial services and HVAC professionals will advise that the air ducts be cleaned about every three years. There isn’t any proof that cleaning the air ducts on a regular basis will benefit your health unless there is an extreme buildup of mold or other contaminants inside, contrary to popular belief. In truth, indoor pollutants that aren’t caused by blocked air ducts pose a greater threat to our health. Even though I’m not sure if it’s a necessary HVAC system maintenance task, I personally don’t think cleaning the air ducts should be a top priority. I’ve never had my air ducts cleaned, and I doubt I ever will unless there is mold or an excessive buildup. Although it’s probably not a good idea to say it, I can see myself accruing a larger debt if I follow that line of thinking.
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