I could not take the lack of a/c

I couldn’t get around that the school I chose would only have the a/c on for the parents who visited.

When there was no a/c on, I was honestly pissy plus I was ready to go home.

I knew I couldn’t just leave the college. I had made a commitment to my family. I also paid to attend at least 1 semester plus I wasn’t going to back away from that idea. Regardless of whether I had to go with no a/c or heating for this entire year, I wasn’t going to back out. When the year was done, I may want to switch to a better place, however I was going to give it my best. By the time the year was over, I had had enough. The heating hardly worked plus the a/c never did get switched on. No a/c even when the weather was over 95 degrees. If I didn’t learn anything else from going to college, I did learn that I am a HVAC snob. I knew that I enjoyed having perfect Heating, Ventilation, plus air cooling more than I like getting a good education. I wanted perfect a/c plus ideal heating all of the time. I got back to my family home that year plus I talked to my father. I told him I enjoyed going, however I no longer wanted a college degree. I thought maybe I could try a Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner technical school instead. I know that being a Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner contractor sounds more like me.

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