Running an HVAC business is hard work

My son Jason has always wanted to own a small business.

He wanted nothing more than to follow in his dad’s footsteps, but he wanted to do this all by himself.

He did not ask for our help at any point while in the process. Jason went to a technical trade school, and after he graduated, he decided that he wanted to become a licensed Heating and A/C corporation! So, he wasted no time and enrolled himself into an 18 month program to start the process of becoming an Heating and A/C corporation, but while he was in school, Jason worked as an apprentice for a local Heating and A/C provider in our town. And luckily, when he graduated, they hired him, and he was able to work for a couple of years under one of their highly skilled corporations! From there, Jason learned everything he could and finally decided to get his certification. His dad and I were so proud of all that he had accomplished, and we were especially proud that he did it all on his own. Once he gained his license, his salary seriously increased, and he was also assigned to his own repair calls. Well, that was seven years ago, and today Jason is now a proud owner of his own Heating and A/C business. Owning a small company isn’t simple, but I have no doubt that Jason will do what he needs to, so that he will succeed. And the best part out of all of this is that if I ever need Heating and A/C service, I think who to call. Not only will I get the best repair around, but I think it will be fast and efficient.


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