Some different financing for all new HVAC units

I rarely spend much time scrolling through random things on social media! In fact, I recently removed a few apps from our iPhone that I was not using.

During quarantine, I thought I would have become an active user, but I ended up finding other ways to occupy our time.

I did use a few social apps to keep in contact with my family members, and those are the apps that I mostly use this week, however well, this morning, I decided to open up one of those social media apps, and randomly, there was an ad from an HVAC supplier offering financing for new HVAC systems, then the ad was focused on homeowners with old HVAC systems who wanted to upgrade to a newer unit. The heating and a/c provider was offering an energy-efficient plan at no money down and a undoubtedly low monthly payment. The advertisement was also offering a full warranty on all parts and work for the life of the heating and air conditioning system. I believed this was a great deal, and so I clicked the ad to learn more about it. I have an old heating and a/c in the house, and I will need to replace it soon. My equipment is about 19 years old, but with preventative repair, I could absolutely keep the equipment for a few more years. The average life expectancy for a heating and a.c equipment is between 15 to 25 years, but some systems have been known to last only 10 years, but although I don’t need new equipment right now, it’s great to know that I have the opportunity of financing when the time comes.

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