My cousin’s AC is working well as I helped install the system

It’s completely warm this week plus I am painting the outside of my cousin’s cabin so I’ve chosen to cool off every hour by taking a dip in his son’s kiddie pool.

It’s sitting in the shade under their immense live oak tree plus it feels awesome. Every one of us is in the middle of May plus the temperature is in the mid 90s already so remaining cool is essential or I risk getting heat exhaustion or heat stroke. I sometimes come in the cabin to cool off in front of the A/C appliance, however I don’t love to come inside with paint all over me because he has fairly new carpet plus if I get paint on it I will be installing carpet very soon after the cabin is painted. I helped install his HVAC appliance with my associate plus I must say that it was a great job because his cabin cools down in approximately 2 hours. I guess I can have the cabin totally painted in another 5 days or so so it won’t be much longer out here in the intense heat. This will all feel something like a dream in 3 weeks when I am back at my dwelling overseas. I put in an electric heat pump instead of a geothermal heat pump because it was way cheaper plus the HVAC appliance guy told me that they are now about the same when it comes to efficiency. I don’t really know anything about it anymore, however I certainly believe what he told me. I was finally working in the HVAC appliance field myself however that was so long ago.


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