Some of the things involved in installing a geo heat pump

I nearly fell off my seat when I saw the quotation for installing a geo heat pump.

  • The heating supplier had earlier informed me of this type of heating technology where no fossil fuel is involved or if it will be used, easily little of it is used compared to being fully dependent on it.

I had in recent years been calling the Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman for a heating maintenance now plus then. It was about time I gave the old heating system a permanent split plus looked into installing a new heating device. It was while I was in this stage that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech came up with the geothermal option. He had told me that it would be possible to install it in my house since it was on a relatively pressing piece of land… Both of us had worked so taxing on the landscape but the people I was with and I would have to forfeit all that because of the excavation plus the heavy machinery that would be involved. Since the people I was with and I already had existing air duct that would spare us the cost of installing it, the only thing that the house services supplier would do was a bit of duct sealing to ensure it did not have any leaks. Both of us also had a digital temperature control that was in superb toiling condition plus could be used with the new method if the people I was with and I made the choice to go that route. According to data given by the heating industry, the method would pay back the money invested into it in many to seven years making it a superb long term investment. With correct heating maintenance, the method would serve our house for various years to come. Now it was up to us to decide whether the people I was with and I were willing to invest in it, not to mention that the people I was with and I would have to redo our landscape all over again once they were done with the whole process.


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