Reasons to consider installing a geo heat pump

If you are looking to save money on your monthly heating and cooling costs you may consider installing a geo heat pump.

Any heating dealer will tell you that geothermal heating is the only other type of heating technology that is much cheaper compared to gas or an oil furnace.

If you want such a system and you have adequate ductwork in place you won’t have to pay for additional components or labor to install a new one which will impact the total upfront cost which is by no means pocket change. With such cooling and heating devices, you can save up to a thousand dollars a year on your energy bills. It is also not impacted by outside temperatures since the earth exists at an almost constant temperature underground everywhere making them efficient since they work in most climates. It is also environmentally friendly. Ground source heat pumps can be over 400 per cent efficient, meaning they can convert one unit of electricity to 4 or more equivalent units of heating or cooling to your property. The heating industry does not only highlight the pros, some of the cons include; high upfront installation costs, potential landscape alterations due to the ground loop system installation. For heating repair or heating maintenance, you will have to contact the same company that did the installation or a home services company that specializes in such systems since not every HVAC serviceman is knowledgeable about geothermal heating. Services such as duct sealing can be done by any professional HVAC tech. This type of heating device and the entire system are a long term investment since they see paybacks between five to seven-year periods.


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