A rat in the ductwork

My four-year-old son could not sleep and when I asked him why he said he could hear something moving around.

I was so sleepy so I just took him with me to bed.

Before I fell asleep I heard something moving in the ductwork or at least I thought it was in the vents. The next morning I called the local heating dealer. I did not tell them that something was moving in the ducts, rather I said our heating device needed heating repair. This was not entirely true because the furnace was working just. We always ensured that annual heating maintenance is done on the geo heat pump, the professionals that installed the system told me that when it came to heating technology, care and tune-up was key to ensure optimal performance. When the HVAC tech arrived, I told her what the real issue was. I expected her to laugh but instead, she told me it was a more common issue than I thought. She said that in the one decade she had worked in the heating industry she had seen more bizarre issues. She conducted duct cleaning so that the rodent would be forced out of its hiding place and also find the opening. She then conducted duct sealing to make sure the issue did not occur again. She then checked the furnace and digital thermostat for good measure. Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself calling the home services company because of a rodent but if it meant having the bed to ourselves again I would do anything. The HVAC serviceman also told us that it was a good thing that we called because the leak meant that the system was running more to compensate for the heat that was being lost because of the leak.

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