Drinking water during workout

I am not conscientious about drinking enough water.

  • When I was growing up, my house was equipped with a water well.

The water was overrun with iron and all sorts of minerals, making it smell and taste terrible. At the time, bottled water wasn’t readily available for purchase. I never got in the habit of drinking water. As an adult, this has caused some issues for me. I frequently get so dehydrated that I suffer terrible headaches. My head hurts so badly that I’m forced to lie down with an ice pack on my forehead. I sometimes get chills, and I’ve even passed out. I also deal with muscle cramps that are definitely caused by working my muscles without sufficiently replenishing my body with water. I’ve tried to be better about drinking more water. I bought myself a really nice water bottle, and I carry it around with me all day. Unfortunately, I usually forget to sip from it. I’ve needed to incorporate water breaks into my workout routine. I devote approximately an hour to exercise every day. I play music for motivation and typically switch the style of exercise after each song. I now make sure to take a drink of water at the conclusion of each song. I make an effort to finish the full bottle of water by the end of the workout. Through this practice, I sometimes need to refill the bottle. Even if I don’t drink anymore water for the rest of the day, at least I get that much. This has helped me to reduce some of the side-effects of dehydration.
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