The tour bus no longer had a thermostat

There are unusual calls to get at night, plus then there are the severely WEIRD ones, that you suppose must be a prank.

This honestly happened about 3 weeks ago, around 4 a.m.

so of course I was asleep… It was the iPhone that I use for work, with the emergency on-call number, so I had to answer it in case it was an emergency, however on the other end of the line was a British guy who was saying something about the tour bus having a pretty serious problem, plus they were waiting for me at the shop! When I heard it was an air conditioning drawback I was about to hang up on this guy, however then he said he would give me a hundred bucks currency just to take a look at it. This was a guy who knew how to get what he was after, plus in no time I was on that tour bus looking at the temperature control, and more accurately, I was looking at where the temperature control should be, because now it was just a hole in the wall. This was the tour bus for a rock plus roll band, one that I had never heard of, plus they made their own fix to their own AC problem by breaking off the temperature control plus throwing it out the window… First I installed a new temperature control, a smart one, plus then I did a diagnostic on the central system itself. I have to say the cooling machine for this bus was twice as sizable as the one I use in my residence! It ended up being a fairly simple fix, plus extremely easy money.

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