A smart thermostat with zone control helped me save hundreds on my energy bills

My family and I decided to move to a warmer climate a year ago.

We were tired of living in a big city, and we were tired of the freezing cold winters. We immediately fell in love with our new surroundings, the heat and all. However, during the hottest months of the summer we had to use our air conditioner at home during the day to stay comfortable indoors, and at the end of the month, we were surprised at how high our energy bill was. Not wanting to deal with the outrageous bill eerie month, I began searching for a solution. My local HVAC provider informed me that my family and I might benefit from installing a smart thermostat with zone control. A smart thermostat is connected to wifi and can be programmed from an app on your phone or computer. The benefit of a smart thermostat is that you can control your entire HVAC system whether you are in your home or not, meaning that your air conditioner isn’t running when you aren’t home, which can help you save hundreds on energy costs. Zone control is achieved by a series of valves within your existing ductwork, which will let you control which rooms in your house are treated, so unoccupied rooms aren’t being treated by your air conditioner, helping you save even more money! The installation was non-invasive and was completed within a couple of hours. Now that I have made these upgrades to my air conditioner, my energy bills have never been lower!
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