Working from home allows for solo temperature control

I can’t believe it has been a year since I had to work in an office.

To be honest, I do not miss seeing my coworkers or working in that environment one single bit.

Getting to the office every day was always a mess of hassle because I had to battle so much traffic on my commute. It was always extremely uncomfortable sitting with my air conditioning system blasting in the stagnant gridlock as the sun pounded down onto my car. I was burning hot and freezing cold all at once, more mornings than not. Then, I would arrive at the office and be extremely uncomfortable all day long. I’m sure you are aware, setting one thermostat for a diverse group of people creates a lot of indoor air temperature control challenges. We could never agree on an ideal temperature for all of our central heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. Everybody was continually getting into battles about the relative nature of the air conditioning system or heating unit. And generally, my productivity was much lower at the office with all of these indoor air temperature control disasters taking up so much of my attention and energy. Since I have been working from home I have been absolutely Overjoyed with my HVAC and work quality. I am suddenly extremely productive in everything that I do because I can set the thermostat to my exact temperature control needs. Having one human being per working temperature control device seems to be the best bet in establishing comfortable indoor air quality conditions that actually promote efficient work throughout the entire day.
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