My house has bad smells

I feel like my house will never ever again have a good smell.

The reason is because of the accumulation of all the cooking my wife does as well as our four dogs and three cats. Don’t get me wrong we absolutely love our pets and my wife has amazing cooking skills, however with all the smells mixing and lingering around the house, the house certainly has a specific smell to it. I only started noticing it after some other people started pointing it out. I guess we had just become nose blind over time. It was my wife who decided to finally do something about it, she suggested getting an air purifier and so we started looking at some local HVAC companies that we knew of that sold air purifiers. While there are a lot of air cleaners available there wasn’t really anything that we were interested in. We checked out both the HVAC websites and clicked on the links to get more information, and we even went in person but the standing area purifiers just didn’t seem to be what we needed. What we needed instead was a whole home air purification system. A whole home air purification system was the perfect solution, it would purify the air and remove any bad smelling odors that were lingering around the house, and in our house there were plenty of those. After talking with the local heating and cooling technicians about the whole home air purification system, we made the decision to purchase one. It took us a couple of weeks to get everything set up, and to have the heating and cooling professional come out to install the whole home air purification system in our home. Once he was here it only took a couple of hours before it was installed and our odors started going away.



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