The wonders of heated flooring

Heated floors are a marvel of HVAC technology.

I have no plans on getting heated floors for me but I really had to stop and reconsider that after a friend of mine got it.

We have always lived in a cold climate and as a result the winters here can be quite brutal. it may seem like such a small thing but having cold feet really isn’t much fun, and I really love the idea of being able to walk around on a warm floor. Plus a heated flooring in the house just makes sense when you think about it going right along with the central heating system. This would make the whole house warm and toasty on the outside, with the cold weather outside being only a thought. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to take the plunge and get it, and I spent the next few days pondering over the idea of heated floors, I told my friend about my indecisiveness, and she made me a very kind offer. She offered to allow me to stay for a few days at her house to try out her heated floors and get a feel for it. I agreed and after only the first day I was already sold on the idea. I went back home, and contacted my local heating and cooling company, I asked them all about heated floors and they told me all of the options, I decided to get the same type my friend had, and because I wanted them quickly, I scheduled the earliest appointment I could get. Within a week, I too, had some lovely heated floors that I could enjoy.


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