I got her taking care of her skin

I’ve finally gotten my wife on board with a skin care routine.

It took a while to convince her that only a few self-explanatory steps could make a sizable difference in her looks plus the feel of her skin.

My wife tends to have legitimately dry skin plus so we tried some samples plus shopped for products to suit her skin. She was a bit uncooperative while in the research process. She thought we’d just make a stop at the local pharmacy plus grab a few things off the shelf. Since I knew I’d never get her into a beauty salon, I wanted to make sure we purchased nice quality, safe plus effective cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreen. She was shocked plus not happy by the cost of these products. I admit that the tubes are rather small for the price. I then needed to get her in the habit of washing her face after her exercises as well at the end of the day. Shaving especially dries her skin out, so we found a facial cleaner that includes witch hazel to more gently handle excess oils. Both of us avoided anything with alcohol or sodium chloride, because those can easily cause drying. By thoroughly washing her face every night, my wife’s skin was prepared for the healing that occurs while she rests. I insisted that she include a nighttime lotion. I found one that contains hyaluronic acid plus is specially formulated to be super hydrating plus regeneration. She needs to apply it while the skin is damp and pores are open.

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