I can find the studio I need

When I told our parents that I wanted to do art professionally way back when I was 13 years old, they figured our naive mind would change rapidly as I got older.

Instead, art classes in high university and university only further nurtured our like for painting and sculpting.

Soon I was becoming beyond obsessed with everything within and around the art world. I was going to exhibitions all the time in class, and I started collecting prints of our number one paintings in art history courses. Learning about the techniques and the philosophies of various genres of art was hugely instructive in furthering our craft. I am partial to painting, myself, however I excelled with sculpting. Soon I was working with ceramic clay and owned a large pottery wheel and a high temperature kiln. But this machine takes up a lot of space, to be sure, especially once you go into the supplier business and need room for the products you’re regularly creating and crafting. I realized that I needed to find an artisan space to personally rent anywhere in the neighborhood and soon discovered there are small units called artisan beach house spaces. You have a ground level space for the business and a beach house above, giving ample room for both machine and product development. I decided to consult with the city’s supplier development center to find the very cheapest artisan beach house spaces available for rent. Although it’s not located in the greatest neighborhood, our new artisan beach house space is harshly affordable for a starving artist, while also giving me access to everything I need to grow our pottery business. I finally suppose that I’ve finally made believers out of both of our parents. They even have purchased several of our pieces.

incubator office space