Worried about not being fit when I am pregnant

I also won’t have as much time to work out either due to being a mom

My husband and I are starting to talk about having kids soon. I am nervous to be pregnant. I am not worried about giving birth since I know I am strong and can handle the pain. I am not worried about morning sickness or even being a good mom. The nine months of being pregnant is what I am concerned about. I don’t want to gain a bunch of weight and need new clothing. I don’t want to cut out things I like in my diet. I also don’t like the idea of not being able to work out the way I normally do. I am hardcore when it comes to fitness. I really like swimming laps in the pool until I am panting hard. I like going for insanely long runs or bike rides. Typically I don’t count a good work out unless I have sweated through all my clothing and I have trouble breathing. It feels good to be exhausted. When you are pregnant you need to take it easy. You can’t get your heart rate up too high. I also would be too big to do some of my workouts safely. The thought of just not doing anything all that physical and being heavy sounds like punishment. After the baby is delivered too, I am still going to be overweight. I also won’t have as much time to work out either due to being a mom. I will have to sacrifice how I look for my baby. I am not happy about that thought at all.

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