A short term gig

I was looking for a little side gig to be able to get myself some extra income.

I was so over the moon with joy when I found out that a search engine optimization company was hiring writers to work on a temporary basis for 6 months.

This was actually just the amount of time I needed to work an extra side gig. The fact that they were working from home was another perk. So I could work for the search engine optimization company on my own time! The pay wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. SEO marketing is something that is quite common today and there are a lot of SEO companies looking for quality content writers to assist them with their huge work overloads that they sometimes get. Most of these jobs are contract and short term. So do not expect to make a living writing for an SEO company. But it is good supplemental income as well as a good way to pick up a few extra bucks for that special something you are trying to save up for. Working just a few hours per day for a search engine optimization company can bring you a nice little side income for sure. My 6 months are almost up at the short term gig that I have with the search engine optimization company. However they told me that they may have some more SEO company work for me in another few months. I may actually take it to get a few extra bucks in my pocket.

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