I couldn’t believe this

My young kids were a bit let down when they found out that the playground that they go to was going to be out of service for a while.

This was due to construction going on for a brand new playground that was about to go in. They were updating and upgrading everything on the playground and having a major commercial construction company do the work. All of this was quite understandable from an adult point of view. That playground was almost 50 years old! And by having the playground undergo new construction and get up to date things in there, it was actually making it a more fun and safer place for the kids. But the thing is, you can not try to explain this to little kids about a commercial construction company renovating and redoing the playground. All they see is that the playground is off limits for a whole and that the construction company is the bad guy. Someday when they get older and have kids of their own they will be able to understand things like this. But for now, they just have to pout and suck it up that the playground is under some serious construction and that they won’t be able to play there for at least a few months or so. The commercial construction company they are using is one of the biggest in our city, so I know that the playground construction going on is going to turn out really great and top notch when all is finally said and done. My kids will later be thankful for it…I know they will be.

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