What a pain

Driving to work the last several weeks has been a major hassle.

I have had to leave almost an hour earlier than usual because of some stupid building construction going on.

This of course means getting up an hour earlier which has been killing me to tell you the honest to god truth! I never would have imagined that building construction was going to be a major thorn in my side. While driving to work I see the traffic piling up as we get closer to the building construction going on. They have the construction workers all over the highways and streets redirecting traffic and it really needs to stop! How they could decide to do building construction near a very busy highway and road like this is beyond me. I understand that building construction needs to happen every so often in the strangest places. It all depends on where a company or business that is brand new is having their headquarters built. But when it affects me in trying to go to my job, I really just want to blow up at someone! Coming home from work is pretty much ok and clear. Because the building construction people go home for the day when i am on my way home from work. So this makes it so we can all get home safe, in one piece and on time. Which I am glad for. I would be so worn out and flat out angry as ever if the building construction kept me from getting home at a reasonable hour after a very very long day on the job!
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